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  • Sponsorship Request

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    2. ARMY ALLIANCE, INC. Sponsorship

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    3. With your support, we will sustain the strengths and benefits that APG brings to our community, our regional quality of life, the protection of the U.S. warfighter, and our national security. We need you – as a business owner, defense contractor, or individual sponsor – to help keep the Army Alliance a strong and effective force working to support the programs and people of APG, our region’s largest employer, as they provide for our nation’s defense needs.

    4. Contributions made to the Army Alliance, Inc. are not tax deductible as a charitable expense for federal income tax purposes. However, contributions may be submitted as a business expense.

    5. In addition to the satisfaction that comes from investing in the economic future of the APG region, the rewards of being a sponsor are many:

    6. As a Four-Star Sponsor, $5,000, you will have your logo on Army Alliance materials, the Annual Report, letterhead, and be featured on the Army Alliance web site. You will be entitled to four complimentary seats at all Army Alliance events. You will also receive our monthly newsletter, the annual report and special publications.

    7. If you are a Three-Star Sponsor, $3,500, you will be listed in the Annual Report and receive three complimentary seats for all Army Alliance events. You will also receive our monthly newsletter, the annual report, and special publications.

    8. Two-Star, $1,000 & One-Star, $500, sponsors will be mentioned in Army Alliance publications and will receive invitations to all events. Employees of two- and one-star sponsors receive discounted ticket prices to our events. You will also receive our monthly newsletter and our annual report.

    9. Please check sponsorship level. Sponsorships are renewable each year.*