Cyber at APG

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“Team APG – Where Innovation and Opportunity Enable Expeditionary Force Readiness”
• APG Contributes Significantly to the Nation
• 5 Centers of Excellence; 3 Separate Installations
• Over 21,000 Military, DA Civilians & Contractors
• $6.5B Economic Impact on the Region (potential $15B)
• $2.4B to Small Business in Fiscal Year 15
• Team APG Develops, Acquires, Tests, Deploys, and
Maintains Cyber Capabilities

• Home to a Robust Engineering, Science and Technology
Workforce Supporting an Increasing Cyber Mission

• Collaboration Opportunities for State and Local
Government, Academia and Industry Partners
where students can interact with scientists and engineers. The outreach program includes roughly 70 organizations that assist in creating student interest in education programs offered by the Army.

Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), located in Harford County, Maryland, was established in 1917 to assist the United States Army in testing material. The Edgewood Arsenal was established to provide a facility for the management of chemical warfare materials (i.e. development, production and testing). Roughly 50 years later, in 1971, the two military installations joined together as Aberdeen Proving Ground.

According to an economic impact study of APG, the installation encompassed nearly 24,000 civilian, military and contractual employees in FY 2012. APG hosts 11 major commands and supports more than 70 tenants, as well as various satellite and private activities. The National Guard and the U.S. Army Reserve also utilize facilities located at APG.

To accommodate such large military programs, APG requires significant land space. Covering approximately 72,500 acres, the grounds also include water and wetlands as well as 567,000 square yards of airfield pavement. There are more than 2,000 buildings on APG, five human engineering laboratories and a material research lab.

In July 2013, APG opened a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Outreach and Education Center 
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