JLUS Committees

JLUS Committees

Two committees, comprised of county, city, military and other stakeholders, will guide the development of the APG JLUS. These committees are as follows.

Executive Committee (EC): The EC consists of city and county elected officials and leadership from APG. This committee is responsible for leading the direction of the JLUS and monitoring the implementation and adoption of policies and strategies. Throughout the JLUS process, the EC will work with the appointed JLUS staff members representing the multiple local organizations and other interested parties.

The Executive Committee members include:

Barry Glassman                                          County Executive, Harford County

Robert J. Hodge                                          President, Cecil County Council

William Short                                             Commissioner, Kent County Board of Commissioners

Michael Bennett                                         Mayor, City of Aberdeen

Wayne Dougherty                                       Mayor, City of Havre de Grace

Colonel Greg McClinton                              Commander, APG Garrison

John Wallace                                             Tech Director, Air Traffic Control

Tim McNamara                                          Chief of Infrastructure/Community Relations/Security, Joint Program Executive Office                                                                                                     for Chemical and Biological Defense

Daniel Glasson                                          Project Manager, Office of Economic Adjustment

Colonel David R. Kennedy                          Army Military Liaison, Office of Economic Adjustment

Lisa Swoboda                                           Deputy Director, Office of Military and Federal Affairs

The Executive Committee Alternate members include:

William Boniface                                                        Director of Administration, Harford County Commissioners

Karen Holt                                                Director of Office of Economic Development, Harford County

Robert McCord                                          County Attorney, Harford County

Al Wein                                                    County Administrator, Cecil County

Tari Moore                                                County Executive, Cecil County

Donald D. Sutton                                       Mayor, Town of Betterton

Doug Miller                                               City Manager, City of Aberdeen

Jim Newby                                                Director of Administration, City of Havre de Grace Commissioners

Glenn Wait                                                Deputy Garrison Commander, US Army Garrison APG

William Newton                                         Command Staff, Air Traffic Control

Advisory Committee (AC): The AC membership is based on recommendations from the EC and individuals with technical expertise or area experience necessary to the development of the JLUS. The AC is made up of representatives from local, regional, and state and federal agencies, agricultural experts and environmental interests. The AC identifies and addresses technical issues, provides feedback on report development, and assists in the development and evaluation of implementation strategies and tools. These stakeholders will also be engaged with the EC, in an advisory role, and may attend EC meetings.

The Advisory Committee members include:

Karen Holt                                                Director of Office of Economic Development, Harford County

Eric Sennstrom                                         Director of Planning and Zoning, Cecil County

Tony DiGiacomo                                       Principal Planner, Office of Planning and Zoning for Cecil County

Carla Gerber                                            Community Planner, Planning and Zoning Department for Kent County

Phyllis Grover                                          Director of Planning and Community Development, City of Aberdeen

Neal Mills                                                Director of Planning, City of Havre de Grace

Tom Kuchar                                            Director of DPW, APG Garrison

Nathan Osborne                                      Chief, DPW-Master Planning, APG Garrison

Lisa McClure                                           Plans and Analysis Integration Office, APG Garrison

Kevin Melchior                                        Director of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security, APG Garrison

James Sheehy                                        Executive Officer of USAPHC, APG Garrison

David Goad                                            Chief of Compliance & Conservation Plan, Aberdeen Test Center

Pamela Fry                                            Chief of Experimentation Support Division Laboratory Support, Association of Research Libraries

Fred Orr                                                 Engineering Chief of G4, Communications Electronics Command

Barbara Cindric                                       Program Manager, US Army Communications Electronics Research,                                                                                                                                  Development and Engineering Center

Daniela Caughron                                    Facility Program Manager, US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command

Tim McNamara                                       Chief of Infrastructure/Community Relations/Security, Joint Program Executive Office for                                                                                                  Chemical and Biological Defense

CPT Nicholas Kiaunis                               Flight Instructor Supv, Maryland National Guard Weide Army Heliport, Maryland Army National                                                                                       Guard