Business Partnerships for Employee Development

Maryland Department of Business & Economic Development

Maryland Industrial Training Partnership (MITP)

The Maryland Industrial Training Program provides grants to companies for the development and training of new employees. Firms locating or expanding in Maryland are eligible. MITP reimburses companies for eligible costs of training programs that are customized to the work process.

The level of funding provided is negotiated between the company and the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, with specific cost sharing items delineated in a training grant agreement. Training programs are designed according to the company's specifications. The training may be conducted by vendors or by company staff. The company determines the location of the training.

Maryland's training professionals can also introduce grant recipients to a network of public and private resources for assistance in determining staffing and training needs, developing training plans, and procuring effective and cost efficient training.

Partnership for Workforce Quality (PWQ)

The PWQ provides matching skill upgrade training grants and support services targeted to improve the competitive position of small and mid-sized manufacturing and technology companies. PWQ grants are used to increase the skills of existing workers for new technologies and production processes, improve employee productivity and increase industry employment stability.

PWQ matching grants are made directly to companies as well as through a number of manufacturing, software industry and ISO 9000 consortia programs working in cooperation with DBED.