Baltimore County - Office of Workforce Development

Business Services

Baltimore County Office of Workforce Development (BCOWD) Business Services unit actively develops customized business solutions in response to shifting labor market demands.

New and Expanding Business

Assistance with Recruiting a Skilled Workplace

Recruiting can be a costly and time consuming endeavor. The BCOWD saves you time and money by matching your employment needs with qualified employees. BCOWD works with a diverse candidate pool to locate candidates who possess skills ranging from professional trades to high-level executives and have experience in a vast array of industries.

Services are tailored according to your business needs. Initiatives range from job postings to customized recruitment that may include advertising, administrative support, resume screening, candidate pre-screening, applicant basic skills assessment and coordinated events.

Workplace Training and Education

Workplace training is a critical component of business success and a valuable retention tool. In many instances, BCOWD invests funding to offset the extraordinary costs of training new employees and upgrading worker skills.

Customized and on-the-job training project funds are based on availability. Projects are subject to a review of training curriculum and analysis of projected impact on competitive position, increased productivity, gains in market share and profitability.

Career Development

BCOWD can promote your company's internships and on-the-job training opportunities to motivated candidates through our Workforce Development Resource Centers. Job seeker career development is supported for training opportunities in fields relevant to today's labor market demands. Our candidates have transferable skills and industry specific training that will prove to be an asset to your organization.

Business Downsizing

Assistance with Workforce Downsizing

Downsizing your workforce is an unfortunate situation for both the business and affected employees. With BCOWD as a key partner on the Maryland Dislocated Worker Unit Rapid Response Team, your organization has access to an excellent resource.

BCOWD is prepared to effectively assist your business and provide dislocated workers with information about outplacement, reemployment and skills enhancement services.

Outplacement services

Outplacement services are customized to each company's circumstances and may include:
  • On-site information sessions and resources
  • Professional seminars with a focus on job search techniques, resume development, and interview skills
  • Career counseling for individuals and groups
  • Skills enhancement information and funding assistance
  • Industry specific job matching and recruitment initiatives