Business Needs & Partnerships

Building Business / Educational Partnerships

Locating and training a qualified workforce has become the number one issue for business in this economy. Recognizing the importance of this issue, the Department of Economic Development has dedicated a staff position to work with businesses, educational and training institutions, and other County agencies to identify the current and future workforce needs of employers in Baltimore County.

Partnering & Program Development

The Department of Economic Development works with many partners to develop new training programs, effectively market existing programs and encourage productive links between business and education. These partners include:
  • Office of Workforce Development (OWD)
  • Baltimore County Public Schools
  • Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC)
  • County Executive's Advisory Board on Higher Education
  • Maryland Business Roundtable for Education
  • Local colleges and universities.

Identifying Business Needs

The Department of Economic Development can assist businesses in identifying their training and educational needs, and can refer companies to local resources for the training. Department staff also convenes periodic focus groups in different industry sectors to gather information on the specific employment needs of those industries.

Another goal of the workforce development effort is to link businesses with schools and universities to encourage collaboration and build relationships resulting in local graduates remaining in Baltimore to work for local companies.

Developing New Programs

The Department assists local schools and training institutions in identifying new programs that can be developed to meet the specific needs of industry in this region.

Past efforts include:
  • The establishment of an Industrial Maintenance Technology Program at Sollers Point / Southeastern Technical High School
  • The development and refinement of programs to train workers for the interactive technology industry in the region at CCBC, UB, and UMBC
  • The Department of Economic Development also works closely with training institutions to devise effective methods of marketing under-subscribed training programs in critical needs industries